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Summer Guide to 4 Types of Laundry Stains

by Waverly Wilde

Summer is a time of having fun outdoors and sometimes even getting a little dirty. From grass stains to condiment spills to sweat marks – there’s a lot to try and avoid when enjoying yourself outside, so it’s better to just be prepared in case your clothing gets scuffed up by accident 

Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite white shorts to a friend’s barbecue this summer – all you can do is be equipped with the proper skills to keep those summer stains at bay. Follow our guide on fixing those summer laundry stains and keeping your clothes looking spotless all summer. 


Good Riddance Grass Stains 

kids sitting on bench with grass stains on their jeans

Whether you’re playing a soccer game with a few buds, practicing gymnastics and tumbles with the kids, or just lying in the shade enjoying a good read, grass is one of the best terrains for hanging out over summer. It is also one of the easiest places to acquire a couple stains. So the next time you come home with grass smears, there is a simple remedy to this issue. Take some liquid detergent, or a powdered detergent mixed with water, and scrub the stain with the concoction. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash like normal. Your grass laundry stains should be nonexistent. 


So Long Sweat Marks

With the rise in temperature this June, you’ve likely taken a hiking trip or some other adventure that got your adrenaline pumping and your forehead perspiring. If your sweat marks haven’t been gentle on your clothes, we have an easy solution to get those smudges out.

First you’ll want to run some cool water over the sweat stains in order to break up some of the acids and then you’ll want to scrub your handy dandy liquid detergent all over it, making sure it sits for at least 15 minutes. Once that is all said and done, toss your treated clothing into the washer and let it run in the hottest water cycle like the Power Clean Cycle Feature on this GE washer to really do away with those unwanted laundry stains. 


Bye Bye Barbecue Sauce 

boy in white shirt eating bowl of barbecue wings

What’s summertime without a backyard barbecue party? The grill master may be prepared with an apron, but not everyone is as safe from the messy, delicious wings. If you happen to drip some of that saucy goodness onto your shirt, don’t fret! It comes off rather quickly ... if you can get to it quick enough. A little vinegar and detergent goes a long way when rubbed into this laundry stain, but if it still remains, throw it into the washer for a hot water cycle to really remove any leftover marks. Some washers even have special stain removal features that will modify the cycle using smart technology to assist in getting rid of that specific stain. 


See Ya Sunscreen Smears 

Having fun in the sun requires wearing a little sunscreen for protection. But if that sunscreen pours onto your clothes or gets rubbed in accidentally, you could be left with a blotch on your garments for good. The trick is similar to how you get rid of grass stains – liquid detergent rubbed directly on the spot. You’ll first want to run it under cold water to try and loosen the sunscreen from the material. Then, because sunscreen has harsher chemicals in it, it will need a little longer to dissolve away so we recommend letting this mixture sit on the stain overnight before washing it. This Whirlpool washer’s Deep Water Wash option breaks down and loosens heavily soiled garments so your clothes come out looking stain free. If the stains do remain, do this over again for a better chance at removal.  


While these tips shouldn’t cause your clothing any harm, we suggest first looking at the instructions on your garment’s care label in case they have specific recommendations on how to wash or treat the stain based on the type of material it is. Of course, if you are looking for a washing machine that has the capabilities to handle all your laundry stains this summer look no further than our washers at GrandGive us a call so we can help you find the one to save your clothes and wash away those unwanted marks for good.