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How to Properly Use Household Disinfectants on Your Appliances

by Waverly Wilde

Our appliances work hard for us and, in the process, they get dusty and dirty. How many hands open your refrigerator and grab things on a daily basis? Every handle in your kitchen could be covered in grime and with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, it’s better to wipe down and prevent anything from spreading. Destroy the bacteria and kill the germs by using these household disinfectant tips on your appliances.

Be Eco-Conscious

Just because your appliances are filthy, that doesn’t mean you have to use harsh chemicals to eradicate all the bacteria. Usually, something simple and eco-friendly will do the trick while keeping it fresh in your home. So, instead of heading to the store to purchase a bottle of cleaner from the store, stay safe at home by making your own household disinfectant recipe. We suggest simply using undiluted rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to kill any bacteria. This solution is strong, but not too harsh that it can’t be sprayed on stainless steel, slate, matte, painted, and other appliance finishes.

It’s important to note that using a household disinfectant such as vinegar alone is not effective against the Coronavirus and instead your solution should include at least 70% alcohol. Knowing this, the above household disinfectant recipe will be effective in killing the novel virus.

Be Safe

If you decide to use a store-bought disinfectant, it’s important that you are being cautious when using the product. The best way to ensure safety is by wearing rubber gloves or other protective glove wear so your skin does not come into contact with any hazardous chemicals. While your household disinfectant is probably not going to hurt you, it’s probably for the best that you wear gloves while using it with your DIY recipe so your skin doesn’t become irritated by the liquids.

Clean THEN Disinfect

Disinfecting your appliance is not the same as cleaning it, so it’s crucial that you first wash your appliance with a washcloth before using your household disinfectant. We do it in this order so that when you use soap, or whatever cleaner you decide to wash your appliance with, you’ll be physically removing any dirt as well as some germs that the disinfectant won’t pick up on. Your homemade disinfectant is meant to come in as the finisher and eliminate the hard-to-kill bacteria so that the only thing that’s left is a shiny appliance finish.

So, after cleaning off your appliances, spray your household disinfectant all over the refrigerator, cooktop, dishwasher, and whatever else has just been washed. Let it sit for a couple minutes before wiping away so as to be sure that nothing is left.

Wash Your Hands

Although you’ve just worn gloves, you can never be too careful -- wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water! Twenty seconds is the magic number, so sing your favorite song’s chorus, work on your squats, or think of something else creative enough to keep you washing your hands for 20 seconds.

We understand that this is a hard time for everyone, so we want to do everything we can to make your life easier. From teaching you ways to stay free of the virus to helping you keep your appliances looking like new, Grand is here for you. If you are needing more than disinfectant tips and instead are looking for a brand new appliance, contact our store to get assisted today!