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Answer These 4 Questions Before Buying a New Cooktop

by Waverly Wilde

Before you invest in a cooktop, it’s a good idea that you take a moment to figure out what type you should consider for your lifestyle. There are many options, features, and styles to look at, but where do you even start? We know it can be an overwhelming endeavor to research an appliance, so our team at Grand Appliance and TV wants to make the decision-making easier on you. That’s why our experts pulled together some common questions we get asked about cooktops that we’re sure will guide you in the right direction to the cooktop meant for you and your culinary ventures.

1. Do you need something that is easy?

Let’s be honest, some cooktops are made simpler than others. Gas cooktops have grates and burner pieces that usually need to be removed for a good cleaning, while  electric and induction cooktops are flat and smooth – perfect for a quick wipe down. Sometimes you just need to choose the stress-free option that will do the job – and will look good doing it – while also staying within a fairly inexpensive budget, then an electric cooktop is probably the right type for you and your family.

2. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist and require more control and precision in your cooking?

Cooking can be more than just making a meal – to some it is even considered an art form. So, if you are someone who rigorously pays attention to the details and likes to meticulously create the perfect dinner, having a cooktop that gives you the precise control is ideal. Gas cooktops are known to be a favorite among professional chefs for this very reason, so if you’re searching for a cooktop that can handle your scrupulous style, go with what that pros like!

3. Do you have curious children and pets in your home where safety is of the utmost priority?

Of course, safety is important no matter what, but when you have kids with curious fingers and pets who like to jump up on high places, we understand you are probably just wanting to take precautions by doing what you can to prevent anybody from getting hurt. And because little hands sometimes make their way to the cooktop, the last thing you want is a child to touch a hot burner while you were looking away for a split second. Luckily, induction cooking will save the day in a situation like this. 

Induction cooktops don’t actually heat up the burner – they heat the pan! This electromagnetic technology is made to transfer heat to the cookware you are using making spills and easy cleanup and burns nonexistent. Now if a child touches the surface of the cooktop, or a cat runs across your cooking space, everyone will be out of harm’s way. Your food on the other hand? Might want to check for animal hair before continuing though.

4. Do you have specific pans you like to cook with?

f you like to cook with a certain kind of pot and pan, induction cooking may not be in the cards for you. Like we just mentioned in the previous section, induction cooktops are made with innovative electromagnetic technology which only transfers heat to compatible cookware. If you are interested in induction cooking but aren’t willing to make the change to the cookware that works with it, then you’ll have to stick with either a gas or electric cooktop.

If you still have more questions on cooktops or other appliances, give us a call! Our experts here at Grand Appliance and TV will gladly help answer those queries and get you on the right path to finding the cooktop that fits into your life.