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5 Benefits of Steam Cooking

by Waverly Wilde

Did you know that steam cooking is one of the healthiest methods of preparing your food? It may only be a little heat and water, but when the powerful combo is introduced to your food it enhances flavor, seals in nutrients, and the list goes on. Because this way of cooking is so important, many ovens now come equipped with a steam feature making this healthy way of eating very convenient.  

But, if you aren’t convinced that steam cooking is a proper way to cook your food, we’ve gathered 5 reasons together that will prove how this style of  cooking will benefit your life. 

1. Lowers Cholesterol and Makes a Healthier Lifestyle 

Like we mentioned, steam cooking is an extremely healthy way to eat. Your vegetables, when steam cooked, stay as close to their natural state as possible while retaining all their natural vitamins and minerals that are oftentimes lost during conventional methods of cooking.  

And not only vegetables benefit from this style, but meats especially are better when undergoing the steaming process. The steam works to remove any fat from the meat so it can be easily removed, whereas other forms of cooking such as baking or grilling, cook the meat so that it absorbs the fat. 

Say hello to a lower cholesterol when you have a range with steam cooking features in your kitchen.  

2. Brings Out Flavor and Color 

If you’re looking for a simple and tasty way to enjoy your greens, a wall oven with steam cooking ensures that your veggies stay fresh and juicy while never compromising on flavor. And just like the steam’s moisture brings out the flavor, it also bring out the color. Haven’t you noticed how vibrant your vegetables get after they’ve been steaming for a while? According to nutrition experts, including a wide range of colorful vegetables into your diet is important because certain colors correspond with essential nutrients. Make your veggies look even more appetizing with the power of steam cooking. 

3. Not Easy to Overcook 

Is it possible to overcook veggies with the power of steam? Yes—but because steam cooking is a gentler form opposed to frying or boiling, it’s not likely that you’ll ever burn your meal. The worst that can happen is that you steam cook for a little too long and you’re left with mushy food.  

4. Shares the Space Well 

One of the best parts of steam cooking is the ability to place different types of food together in the same oven without any flavors transferring. Now you can cook a salmon and a roast beef all at the same time and never have to worry if they will come out tasting like a strange combination of the two. 

5. Easy-to-Clean 

Other methods of cooking can leave an ugly mess and can be a real pain to clean up. But when it comes to cleaning up after steam cooking, there is little to do but wipe up water splatters and smile at your reflection. Even smells and odors seem to be nonexistent when you steam cook.  

In fact, using steam as a form of cleaning is common and this GE range even has a special steam cleaning feature. So, if the aftermath of dinner usually stresses you out, steam cooking may be your new favorite method of cooking AND cleaning.  

If you’re looking for a new and healthier lifestyle, choosing an oven or range with steam cooking is a great option that will benefit you. But, if you’re still unsure about this feature or want some more information regarding it, we’d love to help! Give us a call to speak with an expert at the nearest Grand Appliance and TV location to you, and we’ll be here to help you come to a decision.